So...what's this "SHAKA" thing all about?

Shaka D urchin Shaka      nancy shaka    Double Shaka

Pronounced "Shah-kahh", it means
"Excellent" or "Great" in Hawaiian!

red urchin shaka     bubble ring shaka     octopus face shaka

Frequently used as a Handsignal throughout the islands,
it can mean
"Awesome", "Hang Loose", "Aloha"
or even
"Thanks a lot, Brah!
but more than anything....
it really means
"Everything's Cool!!!"

cave shaka  pencil urchin shaka  Adena & Shaka shaka  

We chose as our company name
because we strive to provide each and every one of our clients with
"Totally Cool Dives"
no matter what skill level they are.    

ammie shaka     turtle shaka     Terry Mulholland shaka

Come get wet with us and see first hand
"SHAKA" is really all about!    

cutie shaka     wendi shaka     angela shaka

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turtled shaka  SHAKA.....  jeremy shaka

kennys shaka        marys shaka

Hangin' Loose, Drinkin' Juice!

It's a Way of Life!

smiley shaka           
doubled shaka

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