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Sites include:
Black Sand Beach, Makena Landing, Ulua Beach, Polo Beach, Palauea Beach,
Brides Beach,
Marty's Reef, Po'olenalena Beach, Five Graves, Keawakapu Beach, St. Anthony shipwreck,
Wailea Point and many more...
Makena Landing

Site: Bubble Cave & Toilet Bowl

Date: 12/18/13

Weather: Flat water, Super sunny, 77°

Water Temp: 76 - 78°

Surf:  1' occasional waves, smooth

Visibility: 15' to 30' inshore,
50' to 70' on the reef

Comments: The water was awesome today. Diving here was fantastic last week and great the last couple days. Lots of turtles and as many as 3 white tip reef sharks have been seen at one time recently. I saw a large squid on my night dive a couple nights ago. There was a super cool 8 legged sand star that we watched bury itself in the sea floor. I love finding this stuff!

Five Caves

Site: Turtle Town / Five Graves

Date: 12/19/13

Weather: Glassy calm, clear, Sunny, 77°

Water Temp: 76 - 78°

Surf: 1'

Visibility: 15' to 30' inshore,
50'to 70' on the reef

Comments: Calm water is making it so nice here again. Great vis today. Lots of turtle action near surface. Two octopus were spotted. We saw two nice cleaner shrimps again. That was pretty cool. Still finding lots of fishing debris in this area despite continued efforts to remove everything we find. Today we collected over 2 lbs of old lead and hooks and crap. Hopefully this site will stay nice for the next day or two.

St. Anthony Wreck

Site: 1/2 mile off Keawakapu Beach

Date: 12/15/13

Weather: Calm, very sunny, 77°

Water Temp:76-78°

Surf: 1.5', smooth surface

Visibility: 15' inshore,
20' to 40' on the reef, 70'+ on the wreck

Comments: Now available as a fantastic Torpedo Scooter Dive. A GUIDED scuba dive here is Highly Recommended. Truly an Advanced Skill Dive. The Wreck lies in 65' in the middle of one of Hawaii's Oldest Man-made Reefs! Lots of fish, turtles, even a few resident Frogfish!

Molokini Crater

Site: Molokini Crater, Reef's End

Date: 12/21/13

Weather: Nice and Glassy, Sunny

Water Temp: 74 -76°

Surf: Waves barely 1'

Visibility: 90' to 120'+ all around!

Comments: Clearest water around these days. Sea temperatures are still comfortable!! 

Tons of fish, 2 gray reef sharks, several small white tip sharks too, lots of people and boats.  Fish resembled a blizzard in the water column. Back wall has been accessible most days lately. As usual, Molokini is a great dive! We can set you up with some great operators who dive Molokini daily. Contact us for details! 

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